Infestation: Survivor Stories, formerly The WarZ, has been officially regurgitated from the dead with an overhaul update after being just being rumors floating around the Internet. Early access to the “spiritual successor” dubbed Romero’s Aftermath has just cracked the door back open for old players. Officially, it has been released into the wild for long time veteran players to get a sneak peak to what’s ahead.

According to the mass email sent to the player-base, the changes and modifications to I:SS were unable to be made to revamp the old game into Romero’s Aftermath envision due to OP Productions LLC, their publisher. Also according to the email, Aftermath will be FREE to all players who have an “active account” once it reaches Open Beta. What exactly defines an active account is undefined. I can only assume this means you must have signed up for the Alpha and passed the rigorous requirements.

The steep and fairly hefty requirements are as such:

  • Your I:SS account will be checked to verify you have over 100 hours logged in Infestation: Survivor Stories.
  • You have spent $25 on in-game coins, and have a Pioneer or Legendary account.

Now, don’t get me wrong, as I pretty much agree with all the terms except the “I’ve made it rain on the devs, gimme access” clause… These are the people who stood through the thick and thin (mostly thick) times of WarZ.

As of now, we know that George Cameron Romero; a film and commercial director, producer, and writer is working with the Romero’s Aftermath team as part of a creative partnership. This explains the seemingly off-the-wall name at first glance. George C Romero is far from the biggest name in the industry, but his father George A. Romero is accredited for many zombie films. Some of those include Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead (1978), The Crazies, hell, even a zombie themed Phineas and Ferb episode! If the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, good things might just possibly happen. Sergey Titov, the lead developer, knows he has a lot on the line with this release. Sergey will need all the support he can get behind him at this point.

Romero's Aftermath Game Screenshot
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Verbatim the same models, movements, weapons, lighting, and much more have been directly carried over from the previous game. Piggybacking off of previous material and success seems to be a reoccurring theme here so far. This could all change fairly quick being as it’s being developed and still in an alpha stage.

Additions and originality so far include weapons skins, new character customization, base-building, and plenty of swipe-to-unlock features that can be bought with in-game currency.

We are left wondering will this be enough to salvage the remaining lingering player base? If so, how will Romero’s Aftermath compete with H1Z1, Rust, and DayZ regarding sales and playability?