NES Classic Edition Best Buy Restock
© Nintendo

Earlier today, the major electronics retail store Best Buy has confirmed through their Twitter account that limited supplies of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be available April 23rd at select locations all across the United States.

Most see this as one of the last opportunities to grab the console before it is gone for good since this announcement comes after the highly sought after throwback console remake was officially discontinued by Nintendo earlier this month.

For those hoping to snag an NES Classic Edition online, you will be unfortunately out of luck as the sale will occur only in store locations. This may have been a move to avert the BestBuy website from crashing due to a spike user traffic as that’s exactly what occurred the last time the retailer sold the NES Classic Edition consoles alongside the newly unveiled Nintendo Switch.

According to some sources, lines have already started forming around 4 PM in some areas around the country the day before the event is to take place. So, it’s entirely possible you may have already missed the opportunity, but for some, it may be a worthwhile check considering the markup through third party channels, which at the time of this writing have been between $260 and $300 USD.

Lucky individuals able to score the console should also take the opportunity to peruse some of the accessories that will most likely be marked down, such as the Insignia controller to replace the stock controller included which only has a laughable 2.5-foot cable length.