Goats are some extremely sturdy and truly mountable little animals. I’m talking sturdiness that brings into question if they have hoofs of steel. I think I may know the answer, so Superman might want to watch out. These super goats in Mount Your Friends are the base that’s sturdy enough to support a mountain of 90% naked hulking men trying to compete to the top for the “W” all while jiggly bits sway to and fro.

The end goal of the Mount Your Friends is to reach the top of the tower that starts off as only a single goat. As straight forward as Mount Your Friends sounds, there is an underlying challenge. That problem doesn’t necessarily exist early on, but as the bodies start to stack on our goat friend, your skills are against the clock. If you aren’t mounted before the timer runs out, your team brings home a loss. This timely challenge mounts ten-fold when your friendly rival goes out of their way to make your journey to the top a real pain by hyper-extending limbs to maximum capabilities, or even making challenging pockets that ultimately sway the tower. Which is a true phenomenon in its own regards and something I have dubbed the ‘Leaning Tower of Peen’.

Mount Your Friends has a unique mechanic in that each limb is individually controlled. None of that one button smashes and gratefully taking for granted everything follows. While the mechanic makes for some pretty wicked rag doll effects, it also creates an indulging experience. For the competitive crowd, you feel like you’ve been dropped in and are letting everything swing about in the name of glory.

I doubt I have to go into much detail on multiplayer to point out that’s where the real fun is. It’s right there in the title. For the flagship feature, it shouldn’t have all the issues I ran into giving it my play through. On the PC version, creating a server is simple, but getting those who you want to play with is jank. The “Invite Friends” button doesn’t do diddly. Rather, you have to switch to the Steam window and manually invite friends there. Once the match ends, prepare to do it all over again. The need for a rematch button is real. C’mon Stegersaurus Software!

The Mount Your Friends character that you live so vicariously through can be customized with a plentiful amount of options. Your bod can be various shades based on ethnicity race (dong size not affected). Available are all sorts of facial features with different noses, ears, hair, hats, etc. I promise the list goes on. If you don’t like any of those pre-made options, you can even put a bag over it, or better yet, upload your own face! Options I honestly see missing things such as like height and weight. However, I do realize this does allow for an even playing field.

The community hasn’t been flopping about, as fellow Mounters are showing some skin. Custom skins are available in everything from Snoop Dogg to Storm Troopers, and even Gabe Newell. This allows for some wildly insane combinations. I had a hard time choosing between one of the seven infamous Nic Cage facial expressions, a Spiderman body, and the Zoidberg get-up. Of course, you don’t have to customize your character that in-depth to get a chuckle out of the experience.

Mount Your Friends is undeniably the most fun I’ve had in a game involving floppy man pieces swinging in every direction imaginable. I strongly believe I could sit anyone (of age) down, and they would understand the concept. If you are looking for an easy game to challenge some friends in, while looking for some easy laughs, look no further.

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Mount Your Friends

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