Kid Cudi – SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon Review


Fresh off Indicud from early last year, KiD CuDi is onboard again with the release of emotion laced space-esk SATELITTE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon.

This EP drop came as a surprise to many, including myself, as Man on the Moon III was the next expected installment of the Cud travels. I’ll admit I don’t generally keep up on tweet-to-tweet news, but I do try to keep tabs on planned releases. Needless to say, when I unexpectedly ran across this, I had the biggest smirk of excitement preparing to see what Mr.Scott Mescudi has prepared for the world to experience with him.

Now before even listening to a single track, the artwork hits you first. The cover with Cudi in the center of satellite (and/or planetary) orbit with a simplistic use of outer space and stars coupled with darkness is the equivalent of a YOU ARE HERE map in the middle of deep space (CuDi’s head). Expect some deep sh*t ahead.

Pre-flight checklist for your journey can include experiencing classic mix-tape like Cudder with raw emotion. No matter the stance you take on Scott, he is absolutely a man of raw emotion, and it shows some of his lowest lows right here. A majority of the tracks are slower paced “zoned out” instrumentals with a heavy depressed overtone, even those without lyrics. This captures the previously saddened feel from WZRD whilst twisting loose ends together and blending styles with his latest studio release; Indicud. This could possibly be considered a stepping stone to the next installment in the grand scheme of this great big story. Who is to say, maybe we could see something drastic and the next could really be the last, or maybe an expression of experimentation is taking place.

For those die-hard CuDDer fans who liked WZRD, you’ll more than likely dig this. If you loved Indicud, you’ll find a few tracks that resemble it. If you are new to the Cud-Train; this will most likely be a deal-breaker. Of course, this need not apply to everyone, this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.