Universal Pictures and Marv Films (the co-producer’s prod. company) tag teamed to produce the follow up to the brilliant prequel (Kick Ass) from 2010.  Based off of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s equally as brilliant comic book series, Kick Ass 2 showcases the continuing life of Dave Lizewski/Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) following the events of the first film.  Without delving too deep into the plot and ruining the movie for anyone, Kick Ass 2 delves into Dave’s life as it is now dull after retiring as a superhero and downgrading to just a run of the mill high school student.  However, his persona has inspired an entire superhero movement that has filled the streets, making it significantly more crime free in recent time.  Kick Ass decides that he wants to get back into the swing of things and joins a group coined Justice Forever with some lovable characters such as Night Bitch, Battle Guy, and Colonel Stars & Stripes.  While Kick Ass is attempting to get his former partner in crime, Hit Girl/Mindy McCready (Chloe Grace Moretz), involved in the superhero movement, it is apparent that she is facing the struggles of having an over-protective adopted father.  Justice Forever is getting along fine doing what they do.  That is, until The Motherf*cker (formerly Red Mist, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) inherits all the wealth and power of his late, crime boss father Frank D’Amico, and decides to finally exact his revenge on Kick Ass by hiring the biggest group of badasses money can buy.

The cast of the movie is absolutely phenomenal.  Bringing back the aforementioned Moretz, Taylor-Johnson, and Mintz-Plasse along with other returning faces, you have a solid character base out the gate of characters you grew to love from the first film.  Add the likes of Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars & Stripes, Donald Faison (most famously from Scrubs, if the name doesn’t ring a bell) as Dr. Gravity, and plenty other great acts, and you have an ass kicking cast of awesome characters.  As a comic junkie,  I’ve read and own the Kick Ass 2 comic series, and I feel like the actors and actresses chosen to play these roles fill the shoes quite accurately.

The aforementioned story plays out quite well on screen, and the story-writing and directorial crew knew what they were doing.  One of the only hindrances in this movie I felt was the deaths that occurred in the film.  I feel like the death and post-death scenes weren’t what they could’ve been.  They felt short-lived to the point that I almost felt it wasn’t necessary to have them in the film.  Another small gripe was the police force in the movie was comparable to AI from a horrible video game.  There were no police choppers, or SWAT teams, or anything to really give The Motherf*cker’s crew of badass mother*ckers a challenge.  Both of these “complaints” didn’t hold the film back from being absolutely hilarious and awesome,  they’re just things that I feel could be elaborated on if we were to see a Director’s Cut or unrated Blu Ray and DVD release.

The soundtrack to Kick Ass 2 has some fitting, and hilarious tracks on it.  I remember hearing some John Murphy (28 Days/Weeks Later, Kick Ass) playing, which was awesome because he is a phenomenal composer.  There’s also a song by some teeny bopper Union J that is form fitting in one of the more laugh out loud scenes of the film, along with Lemon’s song P*ssy Drop that is played over one of the more “ummm, What the hell!?” scenes of the film.  The soundtrack isn’t something to go out and buy to blare on your way from A to B, but it is a solid soundtrack and includes some very accommodating and, more often than not, funny tracks.
Kick Ass 2 is a hilarious, action film about some powerless humans that have the desire to do the world some good and, in The Motherf*cker’s case, some bad.  Kick Ass 2 has a great cast of returning characters such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the series’ main protagonist, as well as some all new, but familiar faces like Scrub’s Donald Faison as Dr. Gravity.  The storyline of Justice Forever vs The Motherf*cker and his crew is silly at times, but fits the bill for the type of movie that it is from afar.  The soundtrack fits the bill for the necessary scenes, but isn’t a must-have, or must-play by far. Kick Ass 2 has received much negative response on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, but I personally am on the opposite end of the spectrum and highly recommend this film to anyone who’s a fan of the first.  I’m not telling you how to live your life, but you should see the first film before you plan on seeing this one if you haven’t already.  Kick Ass 2 is one of the better movies I’ve seen in recent times, and has guaranteed itself a spot in my collection of films once it sees a disc release. Now, get off your ass and go see this movie, so they make Kick Ass 3!