Disclosure – Bang That (Single) Review


Disclosure’s 2013 album, Settle, was incredible, to say the least.  The hit single, Latch, featured Sam Smith on vocals, and this was released far before everybody here in the States was belting out Stay with Me and Lay By Me.  The two young brothers, Howard (20) and Guy (24) Lawrence have an incredible taste for music, and provide a very charismatic touch to the EDM scene.  They announced the release of their single, Bang That, on Facebook shortly before releasing it, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it since the announcement.  It’s safe to say that it has not disappointed, following a few playthroughs.

The dynamic duo that forms Disclosure announced that Bang That has been incorporated into some of their DJ sets in the past, and they decided to release it as a standalone track to get people anticipated for their next album, which currently holds no release date or window.  That being said, Bang That definitely has more of a House feel to it than some of their other work; which is not a bad thing.  All that I can say about that is the song follows a path of simplicity, but still kicks a solid amount of ass.  Not their best track, but definitely a nice taste of whatever else they have in store, and definitely left me with high hopes for their upcoming work.

Bang That is extremely catchy and is definitely something that you’ll have stuck in your head for days to come.  The “insert phrase here” … “til you pass out” statements are perfectly choreographed within the beat, and will have you bobbing your head and exorcising your inner electronic demons immediately following the song’s upbeat transitioning.  I recognized some very similar sounds from their previous work, and I think that’s worth mentioning.  Not that it’s a bad thing, because Settle is a very solid album, but it is worth noting that there is potential that they are recycling some sounds, which leaves potential for repetition and the chance that their future work might feel too familiar.   I definitely recommend looking into Settle before checking out this track, as their previous work is definitely better, in comparison.  Overall, Bang That isn’t a game changer, but is a pretty fun track to listen to, and is worth giving a listen.