Conscious Coop – Hell on Earth Review


Conscious Coop’s first single, Hell on Earth, is a great introduction to this newcomer.

Hell on Earth is a fast-paced track, rarely taking the time to pause, but making the most of those opportunities when it does.  Coming in at just over 3 minutes, this track has a lot to say, and Coop conveys his points over a very fitting beat.  It’s clear that Conscious Coop has a lot on his mind and he takes listeners on a walk in his shoes with heartfelt and in-your-face lyricism that I can only comfortably compare to the likes of a great like J Cole.  While it feels like Conscious Coop draws inspiration from fellow artists, if Hell on Earth is an indicator of what’s to come, I think Coop will still be able to stand out and deliver some great, memorable tracks like this one.

Hell on Earth’s production is incredible.  Pair that with the ferocious lyrics and very fitting, but well-designed instrumentals and samples and the result is a really solid track.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of new music hitting the scene yet in 2017, but Conscious Coop’s first single stands out above the other stuff that I’ve heard.  This track isn’t flawless, but the flaws are minimal, and overall it’s far from Hell on Earth to listen to.  Check out Conscious Coop’s Hell on Earth on Soundcloud, and stay tuned for his album; coming Summer 2017.