Birthright – Lost In Your Ghost Review


In my adolescence, the Baltimore, MD post-hardcore scene was flooded with some great shows, great bands, and fun times.  In recent times, however, there are very few bands who still bring a fresh, enjoyable sound to said music scene.  Birthright is one of those bands.

Birthright is the successor to The Lives to Come, another outfit that kept the Baltimore, MD post-hardcore scene alive, and their second EP, Lost In Your Ghost, is an example of how to take a genre over-saturated with generic material and breathe new life into it.  Birthright’s sound has evolved since their Waste Away EP from a year ago (which is also worth checking out). Lost In Your Ghost boasts a darker ambiance than Waste Away, and this further established sound fires off on all cylinders.

The lyricism on Lost In Your Ghost is as deep as it is meaningful, and I think that’s a key element that is missing from a lot of the music that is on the market today.  To make matters better, the emotion boasted from their vocalist, Josh Seleski, and the pairing of the somber instrumentals make this album feel just right.

Birthright stands out as a unified band, rather than one or two musicians backed by a few other, supporting musicians.  You can almost feel the chemistry amongst the band as you dive into their music, and it all fits together wonderfully.  All four of the tracks on this EP are great, and my personal favorite would be ‘What Lingers.’  Lost In Your Ghost is one of the finest EP’s to come out in 2015.

Birthright’s newest EP, Lost In Your Ghost, is a prime example of both what post-hardcore music should be and what it needs to become.  With an evolved sound consisting of great lyricism and polished instrumentals, Lost In Your Ghost beautifully boasts its gloomy tone.  Going into 2016, Birthright is a band to keep an eye out for, and Lost In Your Ghost is possibly the best EP I’ve listened to this year.